Truth Hurts: You Gotta Spend Money to Make Money

Alright, everyone – it’s time to air out some harsh realities. This is a completely honest post that doesn’t call anybody out in specific, but at the same time calls EVERYONE out.

Working in the industry, you see this a lot. Whether it’s working in print, digital marketing, social media, freelance… clients are always afraid to spend money but are still adamant on achieving optimal results for minimal funds.

It’s in your right to have such ambitions, and whoever handles your advertising, or supports the buildup of your brand should respect those ambitions and try to make them happen to exceed your vision! But the fact of the matter is – there’s no such thing as a free lunch, people.

To become a success story, you need to start out by INVESTING in something. Think of it this way: every single step you take to build your business is an investment. The graphic designer or web developer you hire? An investment. The copywriter to create your web content? Investment. The agency you hire to run your ads? An investment.

Don’t skimp for the sake of a budget, because you never know where spending your money can take you. Let’s say you go the cheaper option and settle for a web host that’s more economical for your budget, but the higher costing one could guarantee you more traffic. Why? Because the upkeep of the cheaper option could require more complicated coding, or it could also be more inclined to crash. Before you know it, you’re stuck in an already purchased domain on a host site that keeps people from visiting (and checking out) whereas if you had invested in the more expensive option in the first place, you would actually be making more money because your site’s logistics would be more user friendly to generate more traffic.

Apply this theory to everything you do when trying to establish yourself as a successful brand. We aren’t saying that you should go off and burn your money (because there is a difference!) but be mindful of how and where you spend it, and accept that sometimes, the higher price is in reality the better price. Follow this ethos and we know you’re going to rock it.

Author: Copy Cat

Yasmine Dalloul (AKA: Smee) is Media Burn's Copy Cat copywriter with print editorial, web and eCommerce experience. She has contributed works in big pages like Vogue Arabia, SCOPE Toronto, Buzzfeed and Brownbook Dubai.

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