Truth Hurts: You Gotta Spend Money to Make Money

Alright, everyone – it’s time to air out some harsh realities. This is a completely honest post that doesn’t call anybody out in specific, but at the same time calls EVERYONE out.

Working in the industry, you see this a lot. Whether it’s working in print, digital marketing, social media, freelance… clients are always afraid to spend money but are still adamant on achieving optimal results for minimal funds.

It’s in your right to have such ambitions, and whoever handles your advertising, or supports the buildup of your brand should respect those ambitions and try to make them happen to exceed your vision! But the fact of the matter is – there’s no such thing as a free lunch, people.

To become a success story, you need to start out by INVESTING in something. Think of it this way: every single step you take to build your business is an investment. The graphic designer or web developer you hire? An investment. The copywriter to create your web content? Investment. The agency you hire to run your ads? An investment.

Don’t skimp for the sake of a budget, because you never know where spending your money can take you. Let’s say you go the cheaper option and settle for a web host that’s more economical for your budget, but the higher costing one could guarantee you more traffic. Why? Because the upkeep of the cheaper option could require more complicated coding, or it could also be more inclined to crash. Before you know it, you’re stuck in an already purchased domain on a host site that keeps people from visiting (and checking out) whereas if you had invested in the more expensive option in the first place, you would actually be making more money because your site’s logistics would be more user friendly to generate more traffic.

Apply this theory to everything you do when trying to establish yourself as a successful brand. We aren’t saying that you should go off and burn your money (because there is a difference!) but be mindful of how and where you spend it, and accept that sometimes, the higher price is in reality the better price. Follow this ethos and we know you’re going to rock it.

Keep Your “Close Friends” Closer

Instagram always introduces a new feature that pops up out of nowhere like tulips in the spring. Not too (TOO) long ago, they came up with another addition: the “Close friends” list. This list is intended to keep each Instagrammer’s content more exclusive, giving them more room for keeping privacy in what they share. It’s fully customizable so that they can choose who they’re sharing their content with, and when they’re sharing it simultaneously.

But what we want to know is if your business relies heavily on Instagram, how are you using this feature to your advantage? Do you know how to use it to your advantage? Because having a Close Friends list can be parlayed into many different opportunities for businesses and influencers (or your business AS an influencer.)

Promotions and Offers:

What many can do with their Close Friends list is use it as an opportunity to offer their followers a sense of exclusivity that will get them first dibs to new information, inventory and special deals and tips that not everyone has access to.

Polling and feedback

Close Friends can also be used to gather information on how the general public feels about your advertised brand. It could be an easy way to invite customers to take surveys, and all the while make them feel as though their opinion matters since you’re recognizing that they’re on your “Close Friends” list.

The other added advantage of this type of polling is that you can intimately collect data on your consumers, getting a feel for their demographic and who you’re targeting.

Insider management and collaborations

In key with the authenticity trend when it comes to hiring your influencers, the Close Friends List come in handy with brands, influencers and other collaborators keeping in contact.
The group can share key information for them to keep in mind as they’re presenting [the brand/product] in their stories for the public to see.

instagram close friends list
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Behind the Scenes

The Close Friends tool can be thought of as a VIP mailing list. By setting this up, you could have freedom to offer your followers, clients, et al exclusive information on projects you’ve been working on. When one of your followers joins your close friends list, they’ll get access to private content, including behind-the-scenes videos, special announcements, and more.  This is perfect if you are an influencer, and would give you a boost with gaining more loyal followers, while solidifying your fan base. It’s also a great way to get your followers to build an emotional connection to your brand.

instagram close friends list
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Sharing Customer-Only Content

If you want to separate the content you share between paying customers and your generic followers, then the Close Friends list is your best tool. This is ideal for consultants, coaches, nutritionists and trainers. use it to share information, tips, or advice with your paying customers.  

For example: sharing daily workouts, video tips, product recommendations, and more would work great with this feature. The rest of your audience will still see your public content, but they won’t be getting the same value of content as your paying customers.

instagram close friends list
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